The Prophecy, Kim's most recent recording, is the crown jewel of the Kim Angelis CD collection! The instrumentation is more diverse, with clarinet (Albert Wing), oud (Dmitri Mahlis), and guitar solos (Ciro Hurtado) that surprise and delight, along with plenty of Kim's trademark "finger gymnastics" and beautiful melodies. The CD was inspired by the Book of Isaiah, with its message of comfort, hope and healing. "Kim Angelis continues to breathe life and soul into her majestic violin compositions... the inimitable warmth and flair that projects from her violin dances, cries, and soars." -Dinah Urell, Hipfish Monthly  "Your music is fantastic... I'm talking about tricks and passages that only you can execute... what a burst of energy and sunshine your CD brings to the listener." -Candy Anderson, violin teacher/musician. Tracks include "Dancing to Zion", "Seven Trees", "Jordan's Dance", "Recuerdos", and concert favorites "Isaiah 53" and "Songs of the Harvest". $15/CD

"Your music is as brilliant as ever! Your violin reaches out of my speakers and says, 'I am here. You are powerless but to listen.'" -Michael Dickes, Program Director, KOHO   

Includes The Joseph Partita, Fort Ross Fantasy, and "The Astoria Waltz". $15/CD   


Tour the world of the "red hot" gypsy! Experience realms of majestic beauty! Highlights include, "The Dancing Gypsy", "The Dardanelles", "Taipei Taxi", and "Last Waltz in Bodie", featured in the short film, Sweet Nothings. $15/CD 

A beautiful, moving release - First Runner Up, Best Instrumental Album, JPF Indie Awards!! "Exquisite compositions for virtuoso violin... fantastic album" -Marilyn O'Malley, Victory Review. Features Concerto California ("Esperanza", "Ramona", "La Fiesta"), "Psalm 42", "The Legend of Joaquin", and more. $15/CD  

This CD is an amazing celebration of the violin's diversity, and frequently resided on Top Ten lists for 1992. "... fresh, exciting, and vivacious... opens the album with two gypsy dances that will knock your socks off." -James Morman, Dirty Linen. Features regional hits "Deska-Valeska", "Eastern Serenade", and "Amanda's Waltz". $15/CD


The debut of Kim's signature sound: gypsy-inspired "world chamber music". This recording was on the Far Eastern Billboard Charts for over 10 years! "Wonderful violin playing... nicely textured, lively, and full of hooks. 4 stars." -James Healy, Omaha World Herald. Includes "March of the Mad Maiden", "Forgotten Dream", and "Black Bart Rides Again!" - featured at the 2000 Olympics!!


Kim's very first recording - a musical journey from bluegrass to pop to gypsy - that was lost for over ten years! Includes original performances of "J.D.'s Boogie", "Spirit of the Dove", "Consider This" (vocal), and "Orange Blossom Special" (yep!!). Special sale price: $8/CD  

Concert filmed (two cameras) and recorded in Angels Camp, CA, in May 2002. An outstanding performance, featuring "fearless accompanists" Josef Gault and Mark Dyken. Holly the Concert Collie makes a cameo appearance! $20/DVD 


Includes "Amanda's Waltz", "Eastern Serenade", "March of the Mad Maiden", "Fig Frenzy", "Zingaro!", "Deska-Valeska", and "A Song for Freddy". Fun for violinists of all ages! $10/book  


More difficult than Vol. 1. Includes "Forgotten Dream", "Psalm 42", "The Sequoias", "The Crossing", "The Dardanelles", "Last Waltz in Bodie", and "The Dancing Gypsy". $10/book 

Includes "Esperanza", "Ramona", and "La Fiesta". Virtuoso level of difficulty. $10/book 


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