The Prophecy, Kim's most recent recording, is the crown jewel of the Kim Angelis CD collection! The instrumentation is more diverse, with clarinet (Albert Wing), oud (Dmitri Mahlis), and guitar solos (Ciro Hurtado) that surprise and delight, along with plenty of Kim's trademark "finger gymnastics" and beautiful melodies. The CD was inspired by the Book of Isaiah, with its message of comfort, hope and healing. "Kim Angelis continues to breathe life and soul into her majestic violin compositions... the inimitable warmth and flair that projects from her violin dances, cries, and soars." -Dinah Urell, Hipfish Monthly  "Your music is fantastic... I'm talking about tricks and passages that only you can execute... what a burst of energy and sunshine your CD brings to the listener." -Candy Anderson, violin teacher/musician. Tracks include "Dancing to Zion", "Seven Trees", "Jordan's Dance", "Recuerdos", and concert favorites "Isaiah 53" and "Songs of the Harvest". $15/CD

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