Announcing a brand new CD!!! "Passages"!!! Now available on this website!!! Head on over to the "Store"!!  " the magic of a gypsy spell, it sweeps you away like a warm wave of heat coming off a campfire blazing long into the night. The warmth permeates your sense, you feel it, smell it, and breathe it in, the music comes alive, and fills you up with all of its vibrations and sounds." - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

 Welcome to a musical odyssey, guided by internationally acclaimed, award-winning violin virtuoso and composer, Kim Angelis. Her music has been used at the Olympics and World Cup gymnastics events, in film and on TV. From Africa to Asia, from Alaska to Ancud (Chile), the passionate, beautiful, and timeless music of Kim Angelis has captivated audiences and inspired young musicians. In April 2014, Kim Angelis and her guitarist, Josef, were honored to have represented the United States at Beijing World Music Week and Beishan World Music Festival. Kim is also a breast cancer survivor.  

"It was indeed our pleasure to have you perform at the Beishan World Music Festival from 19-20 April 2014. You mesmerized the audience with your magical performance and showcased your fantastic talents at this fourth World Music event in Beishan... Your participation has greatly inspired us. We hope to keep the momentum going with further cooperation in the near future."- Simone Xue, Beishan Music Festival, Zhuhai, China 

 “...Kim first charmed us, quite intentionally with her stunning virtuosity and incredible music; quite unintentionally with her sincere and heartwarming of our all time favorites!” - Bob Slater, Series Coordinator, San Juan Capistrano Multicultural Arts 

“...elegant phrasing and seamless technique...Through thrilling use of spiccato, pizzicato and staccato, Angelis on the violin was born in the tradition of Romany and churned by the legacy of Paganini...Angelis’s compositions are an unending supply of surging joy and boundary-less adventure...” -Jean Bartlett, Pacifica Tribune 

"Angelis is an ethereal virtuoso serving God through music. She radiates a spirit and energy of a higher vibration that also comes across in her music, a rich and diverse composition of classical, world, and folk." - Joy Michiel, The Tahoe Weekly


"Arise, shine; for your Light has come." - Isaiah 60:1