“...elegant phrasing and seamless technique...Through thrilling use of spiccato, pizzicato and staccato, Angelis on the violin was born in the tradition of Romany and churned by the legacy of Paganini...Angelis’s compositions are an unending supply of surging joy and boundary-less adventure...” ” - Jean Bartlett

— Pacifica Tribune

It was such a pleasure having you and Josef back and we all want you to know how much your concert was appreciated. Kim, your music is absolutely beautiful, and Josef, your accompaniment and support of Kim is just perfect. The music you have written speaks of the gentle spirit from which it comes and your skill on the violin is stunningly mesmerizing... I have your CDs in my car and there is not a time while listening that I don't marvel at the beauty of the sound and the emotion that I hear coming through." ” - Judy Cuesta, Concert Manager

— Music on the Divide

“I would like to thank you for this concert tour [of Taiwan]. I believe it brought a lot of happiness to the audiences here and was a pleasant surprise. I sincerely would like to invite you to come back again! I know those audiences will come back to the halls again, as they experienced your music, body language, and above all, the spiritual[ity] of your music. That’s the most important. They will bring back more friends next time!! Thank you, with love.” ” - Sam Lee, President

— Paris International Entertainment, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

“...inspired performance to a packed house, perfectly accompanied on the guitar by her husband Josef...Kim’s fiery performance of Gypsy inspired music, her complete mastery of the violin, held an audience spellbound, till they leapt to their feet in standing ovation. Kim IS her music! Tuck a violin under her chin and this otherwise slight and shy artist becomes a powerful, scintillating  dancing presence, somewhere on the continuum between the spirituality of a fiddler on the roof and the ecstatic mysticism of a Sufi dancing.” ” - Len Atkins

— Sou'westerings

“...Kim first charmed us, quite intentionally with her stunning virtuosity and incredible music; quite unintentionally with her sincere and heartwarming of our all time favorites!” ” - Bob Slater, Concert Manager

— San Juan Capistrano Multicultural Arts

“Yahooo!  The Violin Voyager’s return to Georgetown was exciting, thrilling, uplifting, fun. Kim Angelis and her guitarist husband, Josef Gault, gave Music on the Divide a glorious concert...the Hall proved that it is a very sturdy building. It held its ground through loud, continuous applause and bravos. Kim Angelis is a consummate artist. She knows her violin and gives her audience the full range of the instrument’s potential. She is great. And Josef supports her with fine guitar...most dynamic performer I’ve ever heard.” ” - Miriam Toren

— Georgetown Gazette and Town Crier

“Two performers gifted in the language of music: a fantastic combination for a breath-taking experience at the Cutter Theater. Kim Angelis, concert violinist and composer, bubbled with vibrant enthusiasm, heels clicking, dazzling golden skirt twirling and swaying...there was Josef, seated while flawlessly accompanying his soul-mate wife on the guitar...there was absolutely no hint of hesitation as all present responded with a heart-felt standing ovation!” ” - Becky Hanson

— Metaline Review (Metaline Falls, WA)

“Kim transforms herself from a soft-spoken, modest and spiritual person into a wild creature of the violin with flying skirts and hair, a few broken bowstrings and stomping heels. She is the composer and the performer with an international range of pieces written for specific stories and, like Vivaldi; paints the story with surprising color and detail. While her roots are from the University of California, Irvine, her violin plays like Paganini.” ” - Clancy Hughes

— Inflection Point (Homer, AK)

“Angelis has a technique which is astounding. Ceaselessly active on stage, she poured out music - and energy - in unbelievable quantity. Witness, anyone who can play at breakneck speed a descending glissando in thirds and in tremolo while dancing up a storm is remarkable to say the least. She has a full, rich tone, seemly total control of the instrument, and an inexhaustible store of music in was a tour de force, a tremendous performance done with flair and dramatic gestures and demonstrating a technique which is highly advanced.” ” - Elizabeth Widel

— The Chronicle (Omak, WA)

“A fiery, dreamy, saucy, dancing, vibrant vision with a glorious violin took the I.O.O.F. Hall by storm in a concert that will long be remembered by everyone in the enthralled audience. Kim Angelis’ mastery of the violin, combined with her lithe stage presence and heartfelt explanations of what inspired her to write each piece brought her music to the bottom of each persons’ heart and made each of us feel like we had made a new dear brought a prolonged standing ovation.” ” - Bob Toren and Wendy Marsh

— The El Dorado Gazette